MONTHLY BOARD MEETING – November 11, 2015

MONTHLY BOARD MEETING – November 11, 2015
Chairman Laura Rusk called the Board of Supervisors meeting to order at 6:18 p.m.; all members present.
The minutes of the October 14, 2015 Board meeting were approved as presented on a motion from Lee Wilmsen; 2nd Kay Ryan; motion carried. The minutes of the November 10, 2015 Special Road Tour Meeting were tabled until December.
Treasurer’s Report:
09/30/15 Bank Statement Balance $75,508.91
Less 5 Outstanding Checks -$ 2,305.07
Beginning 10/01/15 Check Book Balance $73,203.854

October Bank Statement Activity
Deposits $52,315.96
Transfer Out -$11,062.00
Interest Earned $ 6.81
Checks Cleared -$20,375.30
Less Service Charge/Debits -$ 190.00
10/31/15 Bank Statement Balance $96,204.38
Less 0 Outstanding Checks $ 0.00
Ending 08/31/15 Check Book Balance $96,204.38

MMDA Account Beginning Balance $30,923.43 General Fund $3,593.83
Interest Earned $ 4.40 Building Fund $27,334.00
Transfer In $11,062.00 Highway Fund $11,062.00
Ending 09/30/15 Bank Statement Balance $41,989.83

Total All Accounts $138,194.21

Kay Ryan made a motion to approve the Treasures report as presented; 2nd Laura Rusk; motion carried.
ROAD REPORT – finished mowing and brushing; Baribeau picked up Case tractor to fix an oil leak; cleaning ditches, cutting down trees bowing over the roads and filling pot holes.
ZONING – a motion from Laura Rusk and 2nd by Kay Ryan was made to approve the Sawyer County proposed amendment regarding Section 4.42 Airport Zones to adopt a new map. This will update the map dated September 11, 1975.
During the recent road tour, Lee and Laura checked 2 vacant lots for PRIVY PERMITS. One does not and will be asked to show proof of a permit by December 1, or the property owner will have to remove his trailer. Camping trailers are not allowed on vacant land from December 1 to March 31 of the following year.
Laura provided an update on TIMBERLAKE LODGE NUISANCE COMPLAINT. The first thing to be taken care of will be to get a bear proof lid dumpster. Republic is preparing a proposal for approval.
Lee Wilmsen made a motion to ADOPT THE 2016 BUDGET; 2nd Laura Rusk; motion carried.
Kay Ryan made motion to approve 170 SNOWPLOW CONTRACTS for the 2015-2016 plow season; 2nd Lee Wilmsen; motion carried.
Laura and Lee attended a LOCAL ROADS IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM meeting recently and decided we are not ready to submit a road project next year. The next time the program is offered we should be first on the list to receive 50% of our reconstruction cost.
The board requested that a ROAD BAND ORDINANCE be prepared to enforce our procedures. The ordinance will need to be in place by next year road band period.
Laura Rusk made a motion to change the PART TIME EMPLOYEES TO A BI-WEEKLY PAYROLL and to update Employee Handbook; Kay Ryan; motion carried.

Kay Ryan made a motion to APPROVE PAYMENT OF BILLS AND PAYROLL for checks #15996 to #16023 from 10/15/2015 to 11/11/2015 for a total expenditure of $19,957.12; 2nd Lee Wilmsen; motion carried.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:10 p.m. on a motion from Lee Wilmsen; 2nd Kay Ryan; motion carried.
Patricia Swaffield, Clerk