MONTHLY BOARD MEETING – February 12, 2020

MONTHLY BOARD MEETING – February 12, 2020

Chair Laura Rusk called the Board of Supervisors meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.; present were Laura Rusk, Kay Ryan, Jim Dier, Patty Swaffield and Cindy Gutsch.

The January 8, 2020 Monthly Board Meeting minutes were reviewed; no changes were heard; minutes approved.

 Treasurer’s Report:

$101,719.87   12/31/2019 Bank Statement Balance

$  -8,992.36   Less 3 Outstanding Checks

$ 92,727.51   01/01/2020 Beginning Check Book Balance

January Bank Statement Activity

$   41,705.91   Deposits

$ 474,410.66   Transfer from MMDA

$          32.76   Interest Earned

$  -30,000.00   Transfer to MMDA Highway Fund

$-495,765.27   Checks Cleared

$   92,103.93   01/31/2020 Bank Statement Balance

$    -1,595.11   Less 3 Outstanding Checks

$   90,508.82   01/31/2020 Ending Check Book Balance


$ 506,318.31   Beginning Balance

$ 795,798.56   Taxes

$-474,410.66   Transfer to checking – Feb Settlement

$   30,000.00   Transfer from Checking – Highway Fund

$        105.63   Interest Earned

$ 857,811.84    01/31/2020 Ending Bank Statement Balance            General Fund $7,341.64

$948,320.66  Total all Accounts                                                             Highway Fund $30.000.00

Taxes $816,806.37

Overpaid Taxes $3,321.83

Dog Licenses $342.00

The Treasures report was reviewed; no changes were heard; Treasurers report approved.

ZONING MOTION:  Moved by Laura Rusk; 2nd Kay Ryan to approve a conditional use application for Mark & Nancy Phillips for a general repair shop for mechanical repairs; all in favor: motion carried.  There were 8 opinion letters sent and only 3 returned with no objection.

 ROAD REPORT:  Plowing, salt and sanding roads and vehicle maintenance.  The End loader will have some major repairs done for an opinion bearing and hydraulic leaks.


The March Board meeting was changed to March 18, 2020

The Board reviewed an Election Day Contingency Plan

MOTION: Moved by Kay Ryan; 2nd Jim Dier to change the wording for overtime pay on a Holiday; all in favor; motion carried.

 MOTION: Moved by Kay Ryan, 2nd Jim Dier to APPROVE PAYMENT OF DISBURSEMENTS AND PAYROLL for checks #16954 to #16975 & electronic payments from 01/09/2020 to 02/12/2020 for a total expenditure of $56,868.35; all in favor; motion carried.

The Chair ended the meeting at 5:30 p.m.

Patricia R. Swaffield, Clerk