The meeting was called to order by Chair Rusk at 10:00 a.m. Board members present were Laura Rusk, Dennis Clagett, Doug Kurtzweil and Cheryl Treland and Nita Kemp.

There were 10 in attendance via teleconference, 1 person at the meeting and Adam Bodenschatz representing Pinewood Properties LLC.

The MINUTES OF THE DECEMBER 2, 2019 meeting were approved on a motion from Doug Kurtzweil; 2nd Dennis Clagett; all in favor; motion carried.

A Rezone Application was received from Pinewood Properties LLC for the purpose of changing approximately 31.3 acres Residential/Recreational One (RR-1) to Residential/Recreational Two (RR-2).  With granting of a rezone to RR-2 the owners would then apply for a Conditional Use Permit for a Resort and Campground expansion.

There were 7 opinion letters sent; 5 returned with objections, 1 with no abjection and 1 not returned.  There was one objection letter sent anonymously.

Adam Bodenschatz presented the REZONE request his plans for the property.  He said that his upgrades would happen in 3 stages; 1st the resort, 2nd half of the campground and 3rd the second half of the campground.

The Board members asked clarification on several issues; shower house, drain fields, dock expansion, covenants plus several others.

Doug Kurtzweil stated that there are acreage errors on the permit.  He also questioned Adam on improvements already made.  Adam said the electrical upgrades were started in the fall of 2019 plus replacement of existing docks, filling in pot holes and water lines put in.

MOTION: Moved by Cheryl Treland to approve Pinewood Properties LLC rezone request to change approximately 31.3 acres from RR-1 to RR-2; no second was heard; motion failed

 MOTION: Moved by Dennis Clagett to deny Pinewood Properties LLC rezone request; 2nd Doug Kurtzweil; all but Cheryl Treland approved; motion carried.

 A Conditional Use Application from Pinewood Properties LLC for a 116-site campground expansion was not heard.

The meeting ended at 12:30 p.m.
Patricia R. Swaffield, Secretary