Minutes of Dec, 2008


Place: Hunter Town Hall

Paul Ryan called meeting to order

Time: 9:06 am

Present: Chuck Block, Doug Kurtzweil, Leonard Eckerly, Steve George, Jackie Eckerly, Paul Ryan, Cheryl Treland, gosh, Sheldon Johnson

Absent: Gerry Brodsky, Don Robinson, Chris Jeffords

Doug made a correction to the minutes that the word accept should be changed to approve the minutes of November, 2008 this was 2nd by Cheryl and motion carried.


Sheldon Johnson attended this meeting and handed out the changes that have been done in the past. These consisted of the Population and Demographics, Housing, Utilities & Community Facilities, Transportation, Intergovernmental Cooperation, all goals & objectives for the above. The Land Use map was discussed and corrections have been made and Sheldon will make the changes.

Our January agenda will be as follows:
1. Setting up time-frames for all Objectives
2. Discussing the 45 MPH speed limit on "CC"

Schedule of future meetings: 01-20-09 TUESDAY 9:00AM
02-18-09 WEDNESDAY 9:00AM
03-17-09 TUESDAY 9:00AM
04-15-09 WEDNESDAY 9:00AM (Elect the Plan Commission)
05-19-09 TUESDAY 9:00 AM
06-16-09 TUESDAY 8:30 AM
06-18-09 THURS. 7:00 PM (1ST Informational meeting)
06-23-09 TUESDAY 8:30 AM
07-08-09 WEDNESDAY 6:30 PM (Town Board Mtg. Present Plan to the board)
08-18-09 TUESDAY 7:00 PM (Public Hearing open to the public)

A motion was made by Cheryl to adjourn the meeting, second by Doug. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 11:00 am.

Minutes have been taped and taken by Jackie Eckerly. These minutes will also appear on the Hunter Web Page.

Next Meeting will be on JANUARY 20TH at 9:00 AM Town Hall.