SPECIAL MEETING – April 20, 2022

SPECIAL MEETING – April 20, 2022
The Special Meeting was called to order by Chair Rusk at 5:38 a.m.; Present Laura Rusk, Jim Dier, Kay Ryan, Patty Swaffield and Cindy Gutsch

The purpose of the meeting are as follows:

SAWYER COUNTY ZONING QUESTIONNAIRE: The county is looking at making some ordinance amendments regarding STORAGE SHED AND SHIPPING CONTAINERS.
            Should smaller Storage Sheds be allowed on vacant land with a Sawyer County Land Use Permit?
Should Shipping Containers, Pods, Freight Transports, etc. be allowed in Sawyer County with different permits: Conditional Use Permit or land Use Permit.
The Board voted “no” to all questions.

.4 miles of Warner Drive will be pulverized, paved and shouldered.  Tiger Musky Lane will be repaved and culvert replacements from Jasek Road to Tiger Musky Resort.  The work to be done this year will be determined during the road tour.
Gary prioritized roads for crack sealing.
Hemlock Haven needs a culvert replaced.

The Board received a TRASH COMPLAINT ON LESNIAK ROAD.   The Clerk will send a letter along with copies of the Public Nuisance Ordinance.  The owner of the house is deceased, so occupant of the house will have 30 days to clean up the trash.

The meeting ended at 6:15 a.m.

/s/Patricia R. Swaffield, Clerk