MONTHLY BOARD MEETING – September 14, 2022

MONTHLY BOARD MEETING – September 14, 2022

Chair Laura Rusk called the Board of Supervisors meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.; present were Laura Rusk, Jim Dier, Dennis Clagett and Cindy Gutsch; Patty Swaffield present via Teleconference.

The August 10, 2022 Monthly Board Meeting minutes were reviewed; no changes were heard; minutes approved.

 Treasurer’s Report:
$  98,347.31   07/29/2022 Bank Statement Balance
$          9.00-  Less 1 Outstanding Checks
$          9.00   Voided Check #17425
$ 98,347.31   08/01/2022 Beginning Check Book Balance

July Bank Statement Activity
$  82,292.55    Deposits
$  19,499.06-  Checks Cleared
$           1.14    Interest
$161,141.94   08/31/2022 Bank Statement Balance
$  45,461.65–  Less 5 Outstanding Checks
$115,680.29   08/31/2022 Ending Check Book Balance

$224,987.10   Beginning Balance
$         20.34   Interest Earned
$225,007.44   08/31/2022 Ending Bank Statement Balance

Highway Fund $78,000.00   Equipment Fund $60,000.00   General Fund $5,204.82
Building Fund $10,000.00   ARPA Fund $71,802.62
$340,687.73   Total all Accounts

Treasures report was reviewed; no changes were heard; Treasurers report approved.

ROAD REPORT:   Gary worked on Warner Dr. trimming trees, hauled and graded gravel; cleaned out culvert from beaver on Hemlock Haven; started mowing ditches.


The SAWYER COUNTY PUBLIC WORKS ATV/UTV ORDINANCE was discussed.  Laura thought they addressed all the major concerns and the verbiage was good.  Some concerns were open containers of alcohol, minors driving without an adult and only 12 years old, no ATV/UTV travel from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. and does the operator need insurance.  Laura said the ordinance followed all State Statutes, but will check on the insurance requirement.

MOTION: Moved by Dier; 2nd Clagett to send our proposed changes for the ATV/UTV Ordinance to the County; all in favor; motion carried.


The EMPLOYEE REVIEW DATE was set for October 6 at 8:30 a.m.

The BUDGET WORKSHOP DATE was set for October 20 at 2:30 p.m. with an optional date of October 13.

MOTION: Moved by Dier; 2nd Rusk to APPROVE PAYMENT OF DISBURSEMENTS AND PAYROLL for checks #17548 to #17571, electronic payments and account transfers from 08/11/2022 to 09/14/2022 for a total expenditure of $87,329.50; all in favor; motion carried.


The Code of Ethics Ordinance for ARPA Compliance, sent from WTA, will be put in place by the October Board Meeting.  The Procurement Policy is on hold for now.

The Comprehensive Plan survey is finished and the first meeting with Northwest Regional Planning is September 22 at 10:00 a.m.

Upcoming meetings:

Sep 22 – Comprehensive Plan Committee with Northwest Regional Planning
Sep 26 – WTA Workshop in Cable – all day
Sep 30 – Town Law Conference Webinar – all day
Oct 6   – Employee Review
Oct 12 – Monthly Board Meeting
Oct 20 – Budget Workshop
Oct 24 – WTA Sawyer County Unit Meeting at the Town of Hunter
Nov 9  – Special Town Meeting of Electors to approve the Levy and Monthly Board Meeting

The Chair ended the meeting at 5:40 p.m.

Patricia R. Swaffield, Clerk