Place: Hunter Town Hall

Paul Ryan called meeting to order

Time: 9:02am

Present: Paul Ryan, Chuck Block, Len Eckerly, Doug Kurtzweil,
Steve George, gaiashkibos, Jackie Eckerly

A motion for approval of the minutes from the December 19th meeting was made
by Steve George and 2nd by Len Eckerly, motion was carried.

gaiashkibos, TGB Member explained as to the mix up in the time for the December, 2007 meeting. TGB Member, Gary Clause was told to attend the 9:00 P.M. meeting. Chairman Len Eckerly explained that our meetings are at 9:00 A.M.

The road map has to be updated with new road names and corrections.

Transportation section was discussed and changes have been noted. Sheldon Johnson will be contacted for the 3.1, 3.2 and wording on 3.4. NWRPC will also provide us with 3.7 paragraph 2 (Air Transportation) along with Wis. 2020 Plan and the Rail service.   Len Eckerly will do 3.5 & 3.6. We will be using the write up from the LCO Historical use of waterways. Trails, the LCO gaming committee gave Sawyer County $100,000 that was held from the state. This is to be spent between Sawyer County and LOC jointly.  They again will be getting $100,000 in July and if it's not spent, it would be nice, if it could be used for walking and bike trails from County "B" to New Post.  gaiash would like to see us getting a pilot program and apply for a Planning Grant together. A discussion on "float plane usage" and the transferring of invasive species and what it's doing to our waters now and in the future. Section 3.9, Transportation Goals, Objectives, Actions, Policies, and Programs will be done when we complete the Transportation section.

Utilities section was discussed and will have to be checked to see how many we have in Hunter Township. Again we will be looking at Edgewater and the LCO Plan's and seeing what utilities the town of New Post has. All other items have been looked at great length and will be discussed further. Len Eckerly will do a write-up about the Town of Hunter.

Send Sheldon Johnson an e-mail asking when he was planning to attend which meetings.  There is a list of items that will be sent to Sheldon requesting additional information and maps.

Our February agenda will be as follows:
1. Transportation continuation of rough draft
2. Utilities and Community Facilities continuation of rough draft

Schedule of future meetings:
02-20-08 Wednesday 9:00 A.M.
03-12-08 Subject to change
A motion was made by Len Eckerly to adjourn the meeting second by Steve George.
Meeting adjourned at 11:28 A.M.
Minutes taken by Jackie Eckerly

Next Meeting will be on February 20th at  9:00AM Town Hall. These minutes will also appear on the Web Page.