Chair Laura Rusk called the Board of Supervisors meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.; present were Laura Rusk, Kay Ryan, Jim Dier, Patty Swaffield and Cindy Gutsch.

The May 13, 2020 Monthly Board Meeting minutes were reviewed; no changes were heard; minutes approved.

The Board of Review Meeting minutes were reviewed; no changes were heard; minutes approved.

 Treasurer’s Report:

$114,198.50   04/30/2020 Bank Statement Balance

$  -1,120.39  Less 3 Outstanding Checks

$113,078.11   05/01/2020 Beginning Check Book Balance

May Bank Statement Activity

$    3,088.95   Deposits

$           9.27   Interest Earned

$ -12,651.86   Checks Cleared

$104,644.86   05/31/2020 Bank Statement Balance

$   –  963.64    Less 3 Outstanding Checks

$103,681.22   05/31/2020 Ending Check Book Balance


$  43,688.97    Beginning Balance

$           7.43    Interest Earned

$  43,696.40    05/31/2020 Ending Bank Statement Bal                   General Fund $13,696.40         Highway Fund $30,000.00

$147,377.62    Total all Accounts

The Treasures report was reviewed; no changes were heard; Treasurers report approved.

 ROAD REPORT:  A resident on Stevens Road asked if the Town would plow that road.  Since it is a private road, the Town will not plow it.  We will plow Conger Road as far as Stevens Road.

ZONING:  MOTION: Moved by Jim Dier; 2nd Kay Ryan to approve the Sawyer County Non-Metallic Mining renewal time frame changes; motion carried.


 Cindy Neurohr gave the board a map of where ATV/UTV SIGNS ON COUNTY ROAD CC will be placed.  This covers the area from County Road B to Big Musky Resort.

MOTION: Moved by Kay Ryan; 2nd Jim Dier to approve 16 LIQUOR LICENSES for the period of July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021; all in favor; motion carried.

 MOTION: Moved by Jim Dier; 2nd Kay to approve an AGENT CHANGE for Johnson’s Resort from Barb Czarnecki to Bradley Sanderson; all in favor; motion carried.

TWO BARTENDER LICENSE APPLICATIONS that have an arrest record were discussed and it was decided to allow a license to be issued providing one of the two did not have a felon record.

 Jim Dier will look into what can be done to eliminate the RODENT PROBLEM in the Town hall walls.

MOTION: Moved by Laura Rusk, 2nd Jim Dier to APPROVE PAYMENT OF DISBURSEMENTS AND PAYROLL for checks #17038 to #17053 & electronic payments from 05/14/2020 to 06/10/2020 for a total expenditure of $20,783.29; all in favor; motion carried.

The Chair ended the meeting at 5:53 p.m.

Patricia R. Swaffield, Clerk