Minutes of May., 2009

Chairman Len Eckerly called the Board of Review meeting to order at 6:25 p.m. Doug Kurtzweil said since he is doing a complete revaluation of the Town the Assessment role is not complete so the Board of Review was adjourned until until September 2009.



Chairman Len Eckerly called the monthly Board of Supervisors meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.; all members present.

The minutes of the April 15, 2009 Board meeting were read by the Clerk and approved with an amendment stating that the Comprehensive Committee will come up a Plan ordinance for Town Board approval, on a motion from Lee Wilmsen; 2nd Gene Mittlestadt all in favor; motion carried.

The TREASURER'S REPORT was read by Cindy Gutsch as follows:
$38,178.06 – 03/31/09 Bank Statment Balance
$ 5,487.97 – Less 6 Outstanding Checks
$32,690.09 – 04/01/09 Beginning Check Book Balance

April Bank Statement Activity
$20,150.82 – Deposits
$ 27.96 – Interest Earned
$18,318.29 – Less Check Cleared
$40,038.55 – 04/30/09 Bank Statement Balance
$ 4,105.50 – Less 8 Outstanding Checks
$35,933.05 – 03/31/09 Ending Check Book Balance

$23,467.95 – 03/31/09 Money Market Account Balance
$ 33.75 – Interest Earned
$23,501.70 – 04/30/09 Bank Statement Balance


$59,434.75 – Total all Accounts

Fund Accounts
$13,372.43 – General Fund
$ 3,000.00 – Re-valuation Fund
$ 7,129.27 – Comprehensive Plan Fund
The TREASRUER'S REPORT was approved as read from Lee Wilmsen; 2nd Gene Mittlestadt; all in favor; motion carried.

ROAD REPORT – Paul Petit trapped a large beaver near the Hemlock Haven culverts; bear have gotten into the temporary dumpster 4 separate times; snow plows and salt/sand have been removed from all trucks; weight limit restrictions have been removed as of May 1; all gravel roads have been graded; 2006 Ford tailgate repair to cost approximately $650.

APROVAL OF CHECKS #13644 through #13670 was given for a total expenditure of $13,337.50. The meeting was adjourned at 7:02 p.m. on a motion from Len Eckerly; 2nd Lee Wilmsen; all in favor; motion carried.
Patricia R Swaffield, Clerk