Chairman Len Eckerly called the monthly Board of Supervisors meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.; all members present.
The Clerk read the minutes of the December 14, 2011 Board meeting and were approved on a motion from Laura Rusk; 2nd Lee Wilmsen; all in favor; motion carried. The TREASURER'S REPORT was read by the Treasurer as follows:
$ 23,224.50 – 11/30/11 Bank Statment Balance
$ 668.74 – Less 2 Outstanding Checks
$ 22,555.73 – 12/01/11 Beginning Check Book Balance

December Bank Statement Activity
$ 19,370.87 – Deposits
$ 3.37 – Interest Earned
$ 16,545.78 – Less Checks Cleared
$ 26,052.96 – 12/31/11 Bank Statement Balance
$ 0.00 – Less 0 Outstanding Checks
$ 26,052.96 – 12/31/11 Ending Check Book Balance

$ 93,139.08 – 12/01/11 Money Market Account Balance
$ 58.57 – Interest Earned
$299,368.68 – Deposits
$392,566.33 – 12/31/11 Bank Statement Balance


$418,619.29- Total all Accounts

Fund Accounts
$ 25,869.65 – General Fund
$ 39,100.00 – Machinery Fund
$ 28,228.00 – Building Fund
$299,368.68 – Tax Collections

Laura Rusk made a motion to approve the Treasurer's Report as read; 2nd Lee Wilmsen; all in favor;motion carried.

ROAD REPORT – repairs were done on all vehicles except the International. Due to freezing rain and slippery roads, we use a considerable amount of salt/sand; the Round Lake Fire Marshal stopped in and said we need a lighted exit sign over the garage side door.

There were between 20 and 25 residents in attendance regarding ATV TRAVEL ON RIVER ROAD. Denny Aaron from Deer Run Resort asked the Board what steps need to be taken in order to allow ATV access on River Road and its connecting roads. Lee Wilmsen researched other towns ATV ordinances and brought up several concerns such as speed limit for ATV's and do they have turn signals or what about liability insurance, etc. Duane Mortek from the Snowmobile and ATV Alliance addressed the Board and said the Alliance suggests a 25 mph speed limit on town roads and 35 mph on gravel roads. He said that Ojibwa and Lenroot has opened up all their town roads and several others have opened up some of their roads. Len Eckerly mentioned the Comprehensive Plan questionnaire and that 47% said NO to ATV travel. Pete Czarnecki brought up the fact that there is less snow now so ATV's are being used more now then snowmobiles. He and all business owners would like to advertise that there is access to the Flowage via ATV or snowmobile. After much discussion it was decided that we would prepare an ordinance for one year and then reassess. Doug Mortek said the Ordinance can be repealed if there are any major issues. He also said a copy of the ordinance must be sent to the DNR in Madison, the local DNR and local Sheriff. The Alliance will provide some signs and each road must be signed and the residents on those roads will pay for the them. Len Eckerly made a motion to approve ATV travel on River Road and connecting roads year round; 2nd Laura Rusk; all in favor; motion carried.There will be a special meeting to approve the Ordinance.

Doug Kurtzweil addressed the meeting stating that the is a proposal to begin a good size open pit iron mine in Ashand and Iron county. The proposal would change the Wisconsin mining laws. APPROVAL OF CHECKS #14548 to #14612 was given for a total expenditure of $24,031.68. The meeting was adjourned at 6:55 p.m. on a motion from Laura Rusk; 2nd Lee Wilmsen; all in favor; motion carried.
Patricia R Swaffield, Clerk