The meeting was called to order at 8:45 a.m. by Chair Rusk for the purpose of the Annual Road Tour. Present were Laura Rusk, Kay Ryan, Jim Dier and Gary Klein.

Gary will continue removing small rocks, stumps and grading on shoulders as needed and ditching in several areas.

Warner Drive bids are out to complete the road work that was started in 2021.

Other road work to be done:

Tiger Musky Road – 1.48 miles from Jasek Road to Tiger Musky Resort.  Replace 3 culverts, add one culvert, add 710 yards of gravel, pulverize and pave. The work will start this year.

River Road – 2.92 miles.  Replace culverts, gravel, pulverize and pave.

This road will have to be done in sections, monies permitting.

Gary will replace a culvert on Hemlock Haven and 75 yards of gravel needs to be added.

Priority of crack sealing and flex patch:

  1. Woodland Drive
  2. Jasek Road
  3. Sandy Point Road – 1st .7 miles
  4. Gardner Road
  5. Pine Knoll Road
  6. Buckhorn – from CC to property fire number 6976
  7. Flowage Road
  8. Blueberry Lake Road
  9. Toutant Road
  10. Campfire Circle
  11. Fiorelli Road

Renting the chipper worked well for clearing ditches after the ice storm and may be rented again in the future to keep ditches clean of limbs.  Gary is blowing excess gravel off the roads from the chip seal operations last year.

A letter will be sent to Richard and Angelina Busch requesting an update on how and when they will come into compliance with our Ordinance No. 2021-03 in eliminating one driveway

The Anderson/Flint property on the corner of County Road B and Dun Rovin Road is still using the electrical right-of-way after having been sent a letter to discontinue last year.  Jim will stop and talk to John at Jump River.

There is still a question of encroachment on Town property on Sandy Point Road.  The owners next to the Town property removed the stake.  Laura will ask Don to re-stake the towns 65.3 feet of lake frontage.

Two trees on River Road by the causeway will be removed.  Both are in the Town right-of-way.

Meeting adjourned at 3:20 p.m.
Minutes submitted by Kay Ryan