SPECIAL MEETING – May 10, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 8:00 a.m. for the purpose of the Annual Road Tour.   Present were Laura, Kay, Jim and Reid. Almost all roads were traveled and the following was determined.

Roads to be cracked sealed and flex patched this year are as follows: Twin Bay, Odell, Kelsey, Oak, Fawn Trail, Lampe, Dun Rovin, Hay Creek, Beaver Creek and Treeland.

The following roads will be grated this year: Hemlock Haven, East Fork and 304 all as soon as possible.

County stop signs that need replacing are: Twin Bay, Dun Rovin and Blueberry.

Priority road projects are as follows:

#1 Lesniak Road: needs to be totally upgraded. Rocks and stumps are coming through the surface and the blacktop surface is deteriorating. It is in failure.

#2 Warner Drive: Priority at the north end. Rocks are protruding, two culverts need replacing, needs a gravel overlay and paving.

#3 Tiger Musky: Nine culverts need replacing and a stop sign will be added at the Jasek/Tiger intersection.

#4 Sandy Point Road: Needs an overlay or wedge patch in the area of a lot of alligator cracking, approximately 1/2 mile long.

#5 Big Musky Road: Has numerous issues that need work in the future.

Other roads in no particular order that need work are: Buckhorn needs ditching by the hill and a road sign needs to be replaced. River Rd. has 3 rocks that need to be dug out and cold patch on the recurring problem culvert. Gardener has a culvert that will need to be replaced. Blueberry has one culvert that will have to be replaced. Twin Bay Rd. (south end) needs a complete upgrade.

These projects will be address as the budget allows.

Other roads that may have specific work in the future are: Reed Lake Rd., crack seal. Connor Lane, possible slurry seal. Pine Knoll, possible chip seal. Kelsey, could be a candidate for chip seal.

Reid will be discussing these projects with the appropriate contractors and reporting back to the board.

Meeting adjourned at 1:00 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Kay Ryan