The meeting was called to order at 8:30 a.m. by Chair Rusk for the purpose of the Annual Road Tour.  Present were Laura Rusk, Kay Ryan, Jim Dier and Reid Miller.

Through discussion the Board prioritized the town roads maintenance and repair needed as follows:

#1. Warner Dr: first ¼ mile on the north end to be ground up and blacktopped; replace 2 culverts

#2. Tiger Musky Rd: replace 6 culverts; rocks, ditching and culvert added at the corner before Tiger Musky Resort; .8 miles – 6” gravel lift from CC to Jasek intersection in the low spot.

#3. River Rd: rocks removed and cold patched.  Blacktop overlay on bad section from Fiorelli Rd. north .4 miles.

#4. Sandy Point Rd: the last ½ mile wedge patch for alligator cracking.

#5. Hemlock Haven: replace culvert.

#6. Bob St: need gravel and turnaround.

#7. Toutant Rd: possible chip seal.

The following are candidates for crack seal and flex patch: Deerfoot, Toutant, Johnson, Buckhorn, Lesniak, Jasek, Clements, Pine Knoll, Fiorelli and Gardner Roads, Campfire Circle and Woodland Drive and the first section of Sandy Point Road.

As the Board was conducting the road tour it was observed units were added to Sisko’s Resort in the area of the cease and desist order.  Also, no action has been taken to remove any non-conforming units within the WI DNR 100’ buffer zone. Units were added since the Board has last been there in the Spring.  10 of the 11 sites look to be in violation of the 100’ setback which had recently been surveyed and marked.

Laura Rusk will attend the County Board meeting tonight (June 17, 2021) and voice our concerns.

Meeting adjourned at 1:55 p.m.

The Board went into a closed session immediately following the road tour for the purpose of discussing new hire employee benefits.

Minutes submitted by Kay Ryan