ANNUAL ROAD TOUR – May 23, 2023

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by Supervisor Dier for the purpose of the Annual Road Tour.  Present were Jim Dier, Dennis Clagett, Patty Swaffield and Gary Klein.

Some of the roads did not need to be checked because they were crack filled or flex patched last year and will be chip sealed in 2024.

The first one mile of River Road will be pulverized and paved, rocks removed and add one culvert in 2024

The following roads need attention:

Buckhorn Road – .01 miles from Fire #6976 to 7025 needs reconstruction

Sandy Point Road last .7 miles need to be pulverized and paved

Gardner Road – new culvert at end of road

Flowage Road – Chip Seal only from Indian Lane to Helsing Road and the last .34 miles.  Possible guard rails by large culvert that was replaced in 2017.

Pokegama Road – cold mix in large crack & chip seal

Margaret Street – remove rocks, pulverize and pave

John Street – chip seal

Big Musky Road – pulverize and pave

Conner land – Flex Patch/crack fill and chip seal

Twin Bay Road – cut trees, ditch, pulverize and pave – much later project

Pines Road – reconstruct 200 feet from County Road B

Toutant Road – fix drainage problem at Fire # 9921 (Baker residence). Pulverize and pave

Warner Drive – ditching

The resident at 9875 Lampe Road has a lot of junked vehicles and other stuff in the yard.  A letter will be sent to them requesting they clean up the yard.

Meeting ended at 12:30 p.m.
Patty Swaffield, Clerk