ANNUAL MEETING – April 19,2023

The Annual Meeting was called to order by Chair Laura Rusk at 5:00 p.m.  Board members present were Laura Rusk, Dennis Clagett, Jim Dier, Patty Swaffield and Cindy Gutsch.
MOTION: Moved by Cheryl Treland; 2nd by Tim Davison to approve the April 20, 2022 Annual Town Meeting minutes; motion carried on a vote of 39 yes and 0 no.

The Clerk presented the 2022 Financial Results of Budget vs Actual Revenues and Disbursements.
MOTION: Moved by Tim Davison; 2nd by Doug Kurtzweil to approve the 2022 Financial Results; motion carried on a vote of 39 yes and 0 no.

PUBLIC INPUT: There were in excess of 40 residents and non-residents in attendance to discuss ATV/UTV road routes.
The most pressing concern appeared to be a 3.7 mile stretch of road on County Highway B to allow connectivity to existing trails.
All that wished to speak were heard, whether or not they were residents of the Town of Hunter.  Then Chair Rusk spoke to their concerns.

Sawyer County has just adopted a new ATV/UTV Ordinance, and Chair Rusk will provide the list of items to be researched and addressed before consideration of opening this stretch of County Highway B.  This list includes the very important aspect of safety and verification that all other route options have been considered.  Also, the Chair reminded the public that Town of Hunter shares this highway with Town of Round Lake, who are currently not in favor of opening this portion.

Concerning opening Town Roads to ATV/UTV traffic, the Board will continue its policy of determining the reasons for opening (destination, etc.) and whether or not the majority of the polled residents on the road are in favor.

Other items discussed were participation in the upcoming Commemoration of the Chippewa Flowage. As of yet, the Town has not been approached. Also, the subject of working with other Towns to coordinate road maintenance efforts. The question was raised about the Comprehensive Plan Update survey results, and the public was informed that they will be published when the entire plan becomes available for public comment.

MOTION: Moved by Tim Davison; 2nd by Cheryl Treland to set the next Annual Town Meeting to April 17, 2024.

The meeting ended at 6:54 p.m.
Patricia R. Swaffield, Clerk